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Updated frequency-domain filtering example

11 marca 2013 09:20 tags:

The FFT example using Fourier Transform to perform frequency-domain filtering has been updated to reflect latest API changes in Aquila. See previous version of this example.

#include "aquila/global.h" ...

FFT examples

29 kwietnia 2010 02:07 tags:

Two new FFT-related examples appeared. Simpler one shows how to calculate the spectrum, and another one demonstrates frequency-domain signal filtering.

The window functions example was simplified, thanks to the ...

Frequency-domain filtering with FFT

29 kwietnia 2010 01:47 tags:

Signal filtering can be expressed in two (equivalent) approaches.

  1. convolution of the signal and impulse response of the filter - in time domain
  2. multiplication of signal spectrum and filter's transfer ...

A simple FFT example

28 kwietnia 2010 22:03 tags:

The following example shows how to use FFT to calculate spectrum of a signal. The input signal is a sum of two sine waves (125 and 700 Hz) sampled at ...