Current goals

Things to do:


Aquila uses a few features from the C++11 standard (integer types, smart pointers, lambda functions etc.), therefore a modern compiler is required to succesfully build the library. This includes gcc >= 4.6, MS Visual Studio >= 2010 or clang >= 3.1.


If you want to run unit tests to check that the library works as it should, run two commands:

make aquila_test

The first one only builds the test suite, while the second command runs it using CTest.

A continous integration service is provided by Travis CI. Tests are run after each and every push to master branch at GitHub, using both GCC and clang. You can also see code coverage at


Aquila source code is hosted at GitHub. GitHub makes contributing ridiculously simple - just fork the project, work on it in your repository and when you're done, send me a pull request.

Issue tracking

Again, Aquila relies on GitHub for issue tracking. If you're a registered GitHub user and you'd like to share your ideas or report bugs, feel free to file an issue.