Aquila  3.0.0-dev
Class List
Here are the classes, structs, unions and interfaces with brief descriptions:
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 NAquila Main library namespace
 CAquilaFft A custom implementation of FFT radix-2 algorithm
 CBarlettWindow Barlett (triangular) window
 CBlackmanWindow Blackman window
 CConfigurationException Runtime configuration exception
 CDct An implementation of the Discrete Cosine Transform
 CDft A straightforward implementation of the Discrete Fourier Transform
 CDtw Dynamic Time Warping implementation
 CDtwPoint A struct representing a single point in the DTW array
 CException Base exception class of the library
 CFft An interface for FFT calculation classes
 CFftFactory A factory class to manage the creation of FFT calculation objects
 CFlattopWindow Flat-top window
 CFormatException Data format-related exception
 CFrame An ecapsulation of a single frame of the signal
 CFramesCollection A lightweight wrapper for a vector of Frames
 CGaussianWindow Creates Gaussian window of given size, with optional sigma parameter
 CGenerator The base interface for signal generators
 CHammingWindow Hamming window
 CHannWindow Hann window
 CKarplusStrongSynthesizer Very simple guitar synthesizer using Karplus-Strong algorithm
 CMelFilter Encapsulation of a single Mel-frequency filter
 CMelFilterBank A wrapper class for a vector of triangular filters
 CMfcc Implements calculation of MFCC features from input signal
 COouraFft A wrapper for the FFT algorithm found in Ooura mathematical packages
 CPinkNoiseGenerator Pink noise generator using Voss algorithm
 CPlainTextFile Plain text file, where each sample is in new line
 CRawPcmFile A class to read raw PCM binary data from file
 CRectangularWindow Rectangular window
 CSignalSource An abstraction of any signal source
 Citerator Iterator class enabling sequential data access
 CSineGenerator Sine wave generator
 CSineSynthesizer Sine wave synthesizer
 CSoundBufferAdapter A wrapper around SignalSource to use as a sound buffer in SFML
 CSpectrogram Spectrogram class
 CSquareGenerator Square wave generator
 CSynthesizer An abstract class from which sound synthesizers should be derived
 CTextPlot A utility class to "draw" data plots in the console applications
 CTriangleGenerator Triangle (and sawtooth) wave generator
 CWaveFile Wave file data access
 CWaveFileHandler A utility class to handle loading and saving of .wav files
 CWaveHeader .wav file header structure
 CWhiteNoiseGenerator White noise generator